Friday, January 11, 2013

The last 5 days

I didn't write it down. I don't know what I've done. I'm a failure. But that's Ok. I still love me. :) I know I've used several of those 30 minute increments for exercise on the Wii. And some I used for vegetating and reading. But I didn't write it down. I can barely find time to write down my grocery list.  Um... yeah. I don't know what else I want to say. I don't have anything comical to say. I know that a husband in pain is a pain in the ass. He's worse than me with PMS! I found a magic pill that makes him less cranky, but then he gets sleepy and is even more worthless than a cranky husband. I hope he gets well soon. I miss the guy I married. The guy he was BEFORE some distracted woman rear ended him with her car. So if you have a spare prayer, pray that he heals soon. I don't know how much more I can handle.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Days 4, 5, & 6

4 & 5: There is nothing to post about. I did not find time for myself. I was so exhausted I fell asleep early both nights, before the kids even went to bed. Today is no exception. Blah.
6: I went to Walmart to rent a Redbox, and spent 30 minutes just walking around by myself. When I got home, my husband had the kids bathed, and so now, they're watching ParaNorman, and I get to give his stinky puppy a bath.

My brain is just not connected, so that's it from me.

***EDITED TO ADD: I got a bonus 30 minutes tonight on the Wii doing Zumba AND Jillian Michael's whatever Workout. YAY!***

Friday, January 4, 2013

My Continued Resolution

Day 3: We had all the kids to bed by 8pm, I sat down at the computer to play some games to wait out the "I'm not tired, he's bothering me, she won't stop breathing" moments to pass, and then, silence. The whole HOUSE went silent and dark. And then crying ensued. I looked outside, and it was only our house. CRAP. My husband was outside in his man lair(or as most people call it, the garage, only no cars are allowed in ours) and came inside to see what was up. He checked and our main breaker for the entire house had tripped. That can't be good. We still don't know why, but the line coming into the house was hotter than hell he said.
Anyway, we get that sorted, get the middle 5 back to bed, and #7 won't sleep. She's sick(AGAIN) and thinks she needs extra special attention(yes, my 13 month old has figured this out already), so she screamed everytime I laid her down. Just went it looked bleak, and I wouldn't get me time, I decided to take her in the bathroom with me and start removing my toenail polish(because I had PLANNED on giving myself a pedicure). She got bored just watching that, so she fell asleep on the floor. I put her to bed, and at least get my toenails repainted, and then read for another 20 minutes. I actually got 40 minutes to myself last night. It wasn't what I had originally intended, but I still got to do something just for me.
To celebrate achieving my goal for 3 days in a row, I took #6 and #7 to Krispy Kreme this morning after dropping the big kids off at school and preschool. We got two free glazed because they were making them fresh when we got there, and we bought 4 more. Yum. It was a good celebration. Now I get to go work on disinfecting the toys and the playroom. I need to get rid of these germs that #7 keeps finding.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years Resolution

Well, leave it to me, the hectic, crazy, always procrastinating, mother of seven to write about my New Years resolution the day AFTER New Years. Yep. That's me. One of THOSE people.
My resolution is to take time for me. (As I'm typing this, my husband is trying to talk to me, I had to tell him I was taking time for *ME* and he got all defensive "Oh, forgive me for bothering you".. ugh. Yes, I think it's time for me.) I am going to try to take time for myself every day. I don't do that. If you know me, you know my whole life is about my family and friends. I put everyone before me. This year, I will take the time to do something for myself every day. This is going to be one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. Harder than giving birth without an epidural(and boy, was THAT a blast!!! I even did it 3 times because I thought it was so great, LOL) In all seriousness though, I am going to try my hardest to do this. I don't even know what "my time" will consist of, but I am going to make some rules that I have to follow. Feel free to add some rules for me if you want in the comments. I can't say I will follow them all, but I will try!

So here goes:
1. No using "going to the bathroom" as my me time. Absolutely not. That should be a staple every mother gets every day anyway!!
2. I can not use me time to watch TV.
3. Me time will last for at least 30 minutes in one day. Yes, I must specify one day, because if not, I may drag it out over a week, because I constantly get interrupted!
4. If I get interrupted during me time, I have to stop my timer and come back to it. Let's be realistic here, having a dramatic teenager, a diabetic son, three actresses/singers, one computer junkie who always needs help(because he's 3!!!), and a toddler who wants to be held nonstop means there WILL be interruptions.
5. Me time can include exercising, talking to a friend on the phone(or in person if that chance should ever arise), or just doing anything *I* want to do. Not something the kids want or my husband wants. It must specifically be something I want to do or enjoy doing.
6. I have to write about my me time. I may write it on paper, and blog it later, but I must write about.

And that's about the list I can think of. If you have more ideas, again, feel free to add something, and we'll see where this goes.

So let's start with Day 1: I sat and snuggled with the kids because *I* wanted to. Ok, it's kind of a rule breaker, but really, it was so heartwarming. It was fun and they had a blast which meant me sending them to bed at 9pm wasn't so horrific because they got to spend time with Mommy beforehand. In a house with nine people, spending time with Mommy or Daddy is something to cherish. :)

Day 2: I typed this. It took me 30 minutes to get my thoughts in order. I was interrupted by my husband, and had to "stop" my timer, but I sat here and typed this, and I found a way I want to decorate my girls' room.  I can't wait to get started on that! Maybe I can spend my me time sewing their new curtains, closet door, and comforters! I LOVE SEWING! :)

Ok. School starts back up tomorrow, so I supposed I should get to bed. 6am will be here so painfully early. I haven't seen that time since this morning when #7 woke up cranky. LOL. She has ear infections in both ears and a nasty virus that causes sores in her mouth. YAY! I'll need my me time more than ever now!!!