Friday, January 4, 2013

My Continued Resolution

Day 3: We had all the kids to bed by 8pm, I sat down at the computer to play some games to wait out the "I'm not tired, he's bothering me, she won't stop breathing" moments to pass, and then, silence. The whole HOUSE went silent and dark. And then crying ensued. I looked outside, and it was only our house. CRAP. My husband was outside in his man lair(or as most people call it, the garage, only no cars are allowed in ours) and came inside to see what was up. He checked and our main breaker for the entire house had tripped. That can't be good. We still don't know why, but the line coming into the house was hotter than hell he said.
Anyway, we get that sorted, get the middle 5 back to bed, and #7 won't sleep. She's sick(AGAIN) and thinks she needs extra special attention(yes, my 13 month old has figured this out already), so she screamed everytime I laid her down. Just went it looked bleak, and I wouldn't get me time, I decided to take her in the bathroom with me and start removing my toenail polish(because I had PLANNED on giving myself a pedicure). She got bored just watching that, so she fell asleep on the floor. I put her to bed, and at least get my toenails repainted, and then read for another 20 minutes. I actually got 40 minutes to myself last night. It wasn't what I had originally intended, but I still got to do something just for me.
To celebrate achieving my goal for 3 days in a row, I took #6 and #7 to Krispy Kreme this morning after dropping the big kids off at school and preschool. We got two free glazed because they were making them fresh when we got there, and we bought 4 more. Yum. It was a good celebration. Now I get to go work on disinfecting the toys and the playroom. I need to get rid of these germs that #7 keeps finding.

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