Saturday, February 4, 2017

I Am NOT an overachiever

I swear I am not one of those overachiever moms. Sometimes though, I really get in over my head volunteering. Its a trait I am sadly passing onto my kids. Its not that it's bad, but you just get burnt out when you help everyone else. Today was one of those days. Started my day out being on the road at 8am  driving one of my speech club kids to our meet an hour away. No, my own children weren't even there. I just like to torture myself by being the Speech club coordinator and having nothing else to do with 4 Saturday's a year and weekly club meetings. My dear husband got to be in charge of indoor soccer with another one of our kids and dropping off another one at a friends house. Then when I got home from my obligation, we went to church together, dropped all the kids back at home, and headed to work our volunteer obligation for high school kiddo. Yay. Or not. I Am so deadbeat tired right now I don't know how I would be functioning without my nectar of 5 hour energy. So thanks 5 Hour Energy for keeping this non-overachiever Moms head above water. I'd be dead without you!!!

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