Thursday, February 2, 2017

Silent Lucidity

"So here it is, another chance. Wide awake you face the day. Your dream is over, or has it just begun"

I'm here for another chance at this blog. That facepage thing got to be overwhelming. SOOOOO Much negativity, and being the empath that I am, I was sucking it all in, and it was weighing me down HEAVY. I feel like I've just quit using drugs or something, like everything is clear, and fresh, and I CAN BREATHE! It's such an amazing feeling. Weird that something that's just pictures and words on the internet can make you feel so bad. But I'm glad to be away from it and moving on.

So life.. it's been going pretty amazingly well. I mean, bad things happen everyday, it's just how you choose to look at it that makes all the difference in the world. For example, my Dear Husband was stressing out about some things, and snapped at me, and instead of fighting back, I went to my bedroom and prayed FOR HIM. That's so unlike me, I mean, not praying, but not fighting back.

I just recently returned from a wonderful pilgrimage to D.C. with my third child for the Pro-Life March and it really cleared my head to get away. That was the first time in 22 years I went away without my husband, wasn't sitting in the hospital taking care of a sick kid or having a baby, and was able to just be ME and enjoy myself. I see why every woman says you have to do that. It's rejuvenating. And it's helped me come back a better Mom and Wife.

Time has gotten away from me today, so I don't have much of it to put my thoughts down here, but I will come back. I WILL BE BACK. And more often. But for today, go find the song Silent Lucidity by Queensryche. I like to think it's God talking to me. Watching over me. Protecting me. Lying next to me in silent lucidity.

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