Sunday, October 21, 2012

Transitioning to adulthood

So my oldest daughter turned 18 in July. She likes to think she's an adult, but really, she's just an old teenager. LOL. She keeps testing the waters. When I tell her that I can speak from experience and something she wants to do is a bad idea, she does it anyway. I think it's just to spite me, but she says that its just the way she learns. Really? You learn to be a dumbass by doing dumb things?? It's like telling my 3 year old something is hot, he trusts me enough to NOT touch it and burn himself, yet my 18 year old doesn't get it!?!? I have resigned myself to not telling her anything anymore. I know that may seem drastic, but really, I have tried time and time again to be completely logical in explaining something, and not dictating "this is the way it is" and she still won't listen to reason.
So here's my advice to all of you. Let your kids make mistakes. LOTS of mistakes. Don't rescue them, don't save them, don't dig them out before they get in too deep. Let them get so far in that hole that they can't see daylight. And then, when they finally ASK for help, jump in, with everything you  have.
 I'm having a hard time stepping back and just watching from the sidelines while my #1 child young adult keeps making silly mistakes, but I suppose it will be better in the long run. Plus, it's always nice to hear "you were right". The greatest part is someday, when this cycle plays through for her(if she has children, she says her 6 brothers and sisters have made her realize she's never having kids!) I can laugh and laugh at her trying to make her kid listen to her logic. Parenthood is so much fun. I can't wait to see how the next 6 kids turn out. :)

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