Friday, October 12, 2012

You are excited about that?!?

As a mom of seven(7 kids? Yes, from 10 months to 18 years!!), I find myself getting excited about goofy things: finding a recipe ALL the kids like, no temper tantrums between getting home from school and bedtime, and sleep. I think sleep is the most important one of all. I don't get by well on just a few hours. If I don't get close to my 8 hours, I am a BEAR to deal with. Everyone in my family knows this, and the older kids all know you do NOT disturb a sleeping Mommy. My younger ones? Not so much. But how can you be mad when the most adorable 3 year old little boy comes in and says "But Mooooooooom, I neeeeeed you"??? Sleep is a precious thing and I would trade anything for it, well, almost anything. I wouldn't give up one of the kids for it. I guess I'll just learn to endure the years of non-sleep I'm going to have because my sweet(sometimes) children are worth it. :)

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